Four Things to Do Today to Prepare for Winter Weather

Winter has finally arrived in the Triangle. As Wake County’s largest health system and only Trauma Center, it is our job to help you and your family stay safe and healthy. Here four things you should do today to ensure you are ready for possible winter weather this weekend.

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  2. Have a plan in place to keep warm just in case the electricity goes out. This means making sure you have an alternate heat source and that you know how to safely use this alternate heat source.
  3. Make sure you have enough food, water and medicine to last for at least three days for all people and pets in your house. This means having at least one gallon of water per person or pet.
  4. If you have to travel and winter weather is in the forecast, make sure you have a full tank of gas as well as a supply of water, food and a blanket in your car. Our area is known for snarled traffic and very long commutes during even minor winter weather events. If you get stuck on I-40 for 8 hours in traffic, you will be very glad you took a few minutes to prepare.
Additionally, just because there is no snow on the ground right now, does not mean potentially dangerous conditions do not exist. Extreme cold can be very dangerous for your elderly neighbors. Take a few minutes to check on them during cold spells to make sure they are safe.  Extreme cold can also mean there is ice on walkways, steps and roads. Wear appropriate shoes, use handrails when they are available and remove or clean your shoes when you get inside to prevent falls.

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