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Care of Children with Complex Medical Needs:

Currently, our clinic is open three days a week. Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of a neonatologist, developmental pediatrician, physical therapist, speech therapist and psychologist. Although three days allows us to serve many children, our goal is to be open five days a week and increase our impact.

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Will help us extend our care by 104 days a year; add developmental support staff, and administer developmental and autism testing. Your generosity will also provide more patient access by increasing the number of medical providers available for the more than 800 babies admitted to the NICU every year. Early help for our tiniest patients will improve the odds of having a healthy future.

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Epidemic of Obesity in Children:

Currently, we have two obesity-medicine board certified physicians and one nurse on our team. Our staff is dedicated to improving the health of more children and their families with obesity challenges in our Wake County region. Our goal is to increase accessibility and affordability in a coordinated care experience. This team, along with a dietician and psychologist, help provide exercise services like “Energize!” fitness programs, personal training and a weight management program. They also help us serve high-risk teens with calories counting, meal replacement, weight loss medication and bariatric surgery.

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Will support initiatives to provide family cooking classes, more exercise options for families, and incentive programs to help families stay motivated to be healthy together. Treating the child and advising the family, will create an environment of lifelong health success.

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Mental Health Crisis:

Currently, we have a psychologist to support families, but we have limited health counseling and community support for our patients that are in this program. Since 79% of children with mental health illnesses are not receiving medical attention, we need your help.

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Will help support the expansion of this program. Growth for us includes: adding social workers for care coordination, psychiatrist support for community pediatricians, psychologist to manage inpatient consults, Telehealth options for both inpatient and outpatient individuals, and integrated primary care options. Treating these mental health issues in children will help grow healthy adults.

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Family Navigator Program:

Family Navigators engage in a comprehensive system plan and advocate on behalf of families. They provide direction and resources to families experiencing barriers to care. Navigators supply information and training for families and coordinate with partners to develop and continuously update resources. This program has been successful so far and we need your help to expand it to help more families.

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Will help our program grow and provide more navigators for families. The program will offer support for services in Pediatric Behavioral Health, surgery, inpatient, and Children’s ED patients. Family centered care addresses concerns for the entire household and extends to others. Your help is life changing.

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